About Vietnam Fish One Co., Ltd.

- Founded in 1999, Vietnam Fish One Co., Ltd. (Fish One) is a frozen seafood processor and exporter with line of skilled and experienced workers, staffs and managers, yet the factory is also fully equipped with several modern production devices and machines.

- Fish One has 01 processing plant at Km2087+500, National Road 1A, Long Thanh ward, Phung Hiep district, Hau Giang province, Vietnam.

- Fish One supplies various frozen shrimp items in which value added products are the factory’s best seller. These products are qualified for exporting to several different markets in the world with short lead time and competitive prices. 


The company always updates and complies with national and international regulations as well as customers’ standards on food safety and hygiene, work safety, food defense and security, social accountability, environment protection and other laws and regulations and relevant benchmarks in the industry.


The company has strong awareness and concern about sustainability in doing business in terms of environment, society and economy. Such concern leads to certain actions of the company in numerous perspectives and fields including but not limited to:

  • Auditing and selecting sustainable suppliers;
  • Contracting to handle and dispose waste and crap as regulated;
  • Converting certain waste into fertilizer for planting;
  • Treating, testing effluent strictly before releasing to the outside environment;
  • Constructing plan and program of energy saving;
  • Monitoring, controlling and reducing green house gases; 

Opportunities at Fish One
The company always creates the best opportunities and working environment for employees, interns and customers.
Employment opportunity

Employment opportunity

The company generates many recruitment chances and a safe, comfortable working environment with stable income and high promotion opportunities for its employees.
Internship opportunity

Internship opportunity

The company always opens the door to students who want to visit the factory and take an internship in order to support colleges and universities to train the best generations of graduates to serve the local and the country.
Trading partnership opportunity

Trading partnership opportunity

The company is a promising trading partner for both of its current customers and potential ones. 

Our products are being on shelves in the countries shown on the map and can be supplied globally.


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